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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Visit CrossTec at MACUL 2013 Next Week

CrossTec Corporation will have our SchoolVue classroom management software on display this year as well as an all new product that we are excited to introduce!   Find out more by visiting booth 128 at the conference!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Join CrossTec at the ICE 2013 Conference Next Week!

CrossTec Corporation is looking forward to showing you our SchoolVue classroom management software at the ICE 2013 Conference in St. Charles, IL next week!  Come by our booth with the Williams Group to see a live demo!

Check out our entire list of events HERE.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Should Teachers Transition from Teaching Groups to Interactive One-On-One Instruction?

A daily challenge that instructors of all kinds face is the process of transitioning from teaching groups, to teaching individuals.  Teachers’ success in managing the wide range of needs in a classroom requires the ability to make this transition regularly and easily.  In a differentiated classroom, teachers need to vary learning activities to meet the needs of, and the support the growth of each student.  So these teaching transitions are not just incidents that teachers must face, but rather changes that they ought to induce.

The need for this type of transition might have been encountered if, for example, a student is obviously behind in an ongoing lesson, and needs individual attention to be brought up to speed.  This could cost the teacher and the rest of the class valuable time.  However, if instructors have initial intent to differentiate instruction, lessons can not only offer a reduced workload for the teacher, but more importantly, a more effective learning environment for the student. 
Grouping students can be done selectively to meet the needs of individual students.  Depending on the lesson, grouping can be done based on ability, interests, or learning style, and can take on different compositions over the course of a week, day, or even a single lesson.  Giving serious thought to the use of whole-class teaching, cooperative groups, or individual instruction, teachers can help students succeed in a wider variety of tasks in environments that facilitate learning in a way that is effective for them. 

Learning technologies can help to create the environments that fit with students’ different learning styles and should be utilized to facilitate a smooth transition between learning activities.  Interactive whiteboards, student response systems, computer collaboration, testing and quizzing modules, and video and audio accompaniment can “flip” your classroom in a way that will surely enhance learning for all students.

This is a guest blog post from Tim Luongo.  Contact me directly at with any questions. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Education Technology Events for February 2013

CTAT Conference - Austin, TX

This dynamic event brings together leaders in education and the workforce to offer more than 60 comprehensive sessions, Ethics Training for Counselors and CTE Training Institute designed to increase the portability of skills.

  • Experience cutting-edge practices in career and technical education and workforce training
  • Access legislative updates
  • Find solutions for the challenges of instructional partnerships, credit transfer agreements, student guidance and management efficiencies

TCEA Conference - Austin, TX
With more than 400 sessions and hands-on workshops, a 900+ booth exhibit hall, exhilarating keynotes, and content experts presenting on the latest tools and techniques, this event will capture the hearts of tech-loving and tech-learning educators. This five-day convention brings together campus and district level educators for a networking and learning experience that encourages growth and innovation.

21st Century Classroom Technology Virtual Workshop - Online

Learn how to maximize learning in your classroom by leveraging the most modern classroom technology.  This webinar will give you an overview of some of the latest teaching trends and how you can easily and effectively implement the newest technology on the market into your classroom without bursting your budget.

You should attend this event if you:

  • Want to keep up to date with some of the most modern teaching trends incorporating technology 
  • Want to enhance learning through technology in your classroom 
  • Want to see how interactive lesson plans can be implemented in your classroom. See how you can leverage an interactive whiteboard. 
  • Are interested in 1:1 technology and have implemented it in your school or are looking to in the future. 
  • Interested in saving money through green technology and virtualized classroom solutions. 

Enhance Learning and Streamline School Technology with CrossTec SchoolVue - Online

CrossTec Corporation invites you to attend a 45 minute web presentation on February 26th!

Learn how to maximize learning in your school and streamline IT management by leveraging the most modern classroom management technology. CrossTec SchoolVue puts teachers, lab instructors, and corporate trainers center stage in networked classrooms. This newest generation of classroom management software facilitates the seamless transition, from teaching to groups to interactive one-on-one instruction, and ensures that the teacher is in full control of classroom technology at all times.

Is your school looking to do wireless classrooms but has not found the proper management software?  CrossTec SchoolVue is the leader in classroom management in a 1:1 environment.

Sign up for this free live webinar. You can join us for this interactive event from anywhere in the world.

  • Learn about best practices, tips and tricks 
  • See SchoolVue in action 
  • Ask a product specialist questions 
  • Hear how other users are benefiting from the solution 

ICE 2013 Conference - St. Charles, IL
Meeting the needs of all learners - today, tomorrow, and next year.  The Illinois Computing Educators Conference is an education technology event that takes place at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL.

For more events, please visit:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Audio Monitoring with CrossTec SchoolVue

The increasing presence of technology in the classroom has revolutionized the way that students learn and grow, however it has its challenges.  As you have read in many of the previous posts on this blog, our goal is to streamline learning with technology by offering superior classroom management tools and techniques that enhance learning and eliminate distractions.  

The audio monitoring component of CrossTec SchoolVue ensures that 21st Century Educators have the ability to monitor and manage student activity from an audible perspective, on top of the more common visual  monitoring, granting them full management and control of all aspects of their devices.  

The growing trend towards "audible" learning, particularly in foreign language labs, opens up many more opportunities for distraction.  

SchoolVue offers a solution to these potential distractions with its real-time Audio Monitoring component which provides teachers with the tools they need to ensure they know instantly when the student is listening to music through their headset or what is being said into the microphone.  In the audio monitoring menu, a teacher can quickly identify which students have audio activity through a visual indicator.

Teachers also have the ability to initiate a 2-way chat conversation with a student without disrupting the rest of the class.  

For more information, please visit 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from CrossTec Corporation!

CrossTec Corporation would like to wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2013!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays from CrossTec Corporation!

CrossTec Corporation would like to extend the very best wishes to everyone this holiday season!